only spinning

I’ve been feeling a little under-the-weather for the last wee while (nothing serious, don’t worry), and with losing LadyBug and being out of my routine I’ve been a bit unsettled.  It’s spilled over into my crafting where I haven’t been making much progress.  I have a little pile of recently cast-on knitting projects I don’t feel like working on, bits of cut-up fabric I don’t feel like sewing together and a half painted floor I don’t feel like finishing.

I have been spinning though.  The results of my fibre-dyeing have already made it onto my wheel – this the cashmere finn blend from my last post –

I’m trying to spin up a couple of these little balls each day, and sorry, a wheel picture might have been more interesting so that will follow!

I’ve decided too to knit another FlukraGudrun’s new shawl pattern is extremely lovely, and I’ve worn the one I test knit almost every day.  This might take a while, but this is what I’m going to make it with –

This is merino/silk from A Verb For Keeping Warm.  Having a boss that travels a lot to wonderful yarn stores is a tremendous thing!  In an attempt to actually get this done, I’m going to spin a little more (I’m almost a third done), then ply the singles and start knitting.  Actually seeing it on the needles is going to make me want to spin more.  That’s the plan anyway…


5 thoughts on “only spinning

    • Hee 🙂 So you are spurring me on – gonna try and get the first lot plied this weekend so I can get it on the needles next week!

  1. Looks beautiful Sarah , love those shades of blue. I , too , keep casting on and losing interest , think it must be the weather and two small boys that keep distracting me . Hope you feel a little more like yourself soon. Mx

    • Thanks! I just realised that everything I’ve cast on in the last few days has been blue too, going to try some red socks next week to get out of it!

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