stranding and smugness

I have a new obsession.  Yesterday I sat at my knit night working away on my socks, but thinking about nothing but cake and starting these mittens.  Within five minutes of getting home I had the yarn wound, and before I gave in for the night I was past the first thumb –

I am loving this pattern, its the End of May Mittens by Mandy Powers.  And look! – there is a matching hat…  I added a picot edge and I’ll be lining these with some laceweight cashmere for added loveliness and then giving them away, as usual.  I know they’re going somewhere nice and appreciative though, don’t worry!  The yarn is delicious, Shilasdair‘s Luxury 4ply, a lovely light, soft and smooshy lambswool/angora/cashmere blend.

And with these almost all my Christmas knitting is done (mwha ha ha.)  I am especially smug about it this year, it just doesn’t seem to have taken as long as I thought it would.  I just have a couple of pairs of simple socks to make, the finishing on my sister’s quilt, and then I can sit back and make things for me that absolutely will not be given away (or allowed to be stolen by my sister.)  Whoops.  I already started a sweater

4 thoughts on “stranding and smugness

  1. I am truly in awe. I’m currently doing battle with the bird in hand mittens and only half way through the first one after several weeks! And I suspect I need to go back and redo a whole section of that… Go you, enjoy your sweater!

  2. Oh you lucky clever thing…. I thought i had my christmas crafting under control before another list landed on me. More socks and sweaters to make now….. Oh well it’s nice to know that they will be appreciated and loved 🙂

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