apples in the park

It feels like a very long time since I finished a quilt, but here is Apples in the Park –

It turned out as a lap quilt, and came about just because I wanted to sew some squares together.  Seriously, the patchwork top took me about 15 minutes to make.

It’s scrappy in every sense.  The top is made from leftovers of my recent projects and those of my buddies, the binding is five leftover jellyroll strips and even the wadding inside is a bit of jigsaw puzzle.  I forgot to photograph the back, but it’s some simple Ikea fabric.

I can’t believe I’m writing this, but I started making this as a quilt for my sister’s puppy.  Then, halfway through the quilting I looked over from my sewing machine and Ruby had her cheeky puppy face in my knitting basket.  My handspun Flukra no longer has any yarn attached, though the shawl itself is fine.  Thankfully Ruby is ok too, and produced some handspun this morning on her walk.  I quickly saw sense about the recipient of the quilt though, and its currently on the way to my mum.

Penny is disappointed that yet another Handmade Thing I Could Lie On has left the house.  I tried to take photos of her beside it for scale, but instead got a ‘you can take a photo with one hand and rub my belly with the other don’t you know’ pose…

3 thoughts on “apples in the park

  1. The quilt is lovely, but the expression on the dog’s face is even lovelier… BTW, it was your quilt for Penny that inspired me to make a quilt for my dog, so there’s more handmade dog quilts out there…

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