is this possible?

Ok.  Today I get organised.  This is the last of my gift makings, and then all the extra things I’ve convinced myself need finished before what my mum keeps calling ‘C-Day.’

‘XXXX‘ are for where surprises would be spoiled!


my mum’s knitting

It feels like my project page has been a little quiet lately, not because I haven’t been knitting but because I’m working on lots of things I can’t show anybody.  So instead, here is my mum’s new finished project, and her first pair of socks…

Before her visit I’d heard on the phone about ‘The Welly Boot’, and when I saw it person it was a good description.  Just a little problem with the sizing and yarn/needle combination so we frogged the whole thing and started again.  And she had the pair finished by the time she left.  It makes me feel lazy…