sheep blankie!!

I’ve made many things over the last few years, but this is without a doubt my Favourite Knit Ever.

It’s rams and yowes by the lovely Kate Davis, which I finished last week.  The final blocking at midnight caused me to dance about the house like a loon exclaiming ‘blankie in the bath! blankie in the bath!’  Penny became a little excited and tried to jump up to join in the dancing.  She’s probably just happy that now it’s finished she’ll be allowed back to sit beside me on the sofa when I’m knitting, instead of staring at me from the floor.  (This knit was all about the sheep – not the dog hair!)

(This is the edging-being-sewn-down stage.)

I started in back in November, fitting it in between other work knitting and my endless Christmas knitting list.  I loved every single minute of it.  The colourwork was seriously addictive, and then watching the colours change and merge through the edging was so completely satisfying that over the holiday I knit nothing else.

It would probably have been finished off sooner if I hadn’t spent so long spreading it out to admire it, or taking hundreds of photos.  Unfortunately I had a bit of technology lapse and accidentally deleted almost all of my photos in a new year clean up.  It means that you don’t get to see the ridiculous picture of me with very bad hair in front of my Christmas tree holding up the freshly-steeked colourwork and looking gleeful.

Now it’s finished I’m a little sad that I don’t get to work on it anymore, I miss the rams and yowes and the toasty heat it gave me while I sat knitting over the last couple of months.  Thank you, sheep!!

17 thoughts on “sheep blankie!!

  1. Wow! That is seriously impressive and absolutely beautiful! I can’t believe you got it finished so quick with all your other knitting commitments – well done! Happy New Year!

  2. The project is STUNNING! Congrats to both you and Kate and of course we are all “kissing the ground” that there is a pattern for us to drool over. I can see myself as a little old lady in the future stroking this thing :)))))

  3. I continue to be awed and impressed by your productivity; work knitting, Christmas knitting AND whipping up a gorgeous 4ply blanket in no time at all! Very impressive.
    You’ve inspired me try and knit more and procrastinate less ;o)

  4. I LOVE this blanket! It’s one of the most beautiful knits I’ve seen. The pattern is so cute and clever, but the colors? Oh my, the border is perfection with the fading neutrals!

  5. I have bought the pattern and I am contemplating the yarn. I have some on hand and may have to start in sooner than later! mine may be somewhat more colorful as this is what I have in my stash:)

  6. I bought the pattern but I’d like to knit it smaller sent a mail to kate got no answer it could be nice for a baby too any clues?

  7. Found your blog through ravelry after being linked to this incredible blanket…wow. WAY out of my skill range but your work is very inspiring- and nice to see another Scottish lassie/quine (depending on where you are!) crafting away!

  8. Found your blog by way of Rav.
    Ordering the yarn to make that fabulous blanket in…three…two…one!
    (And we have lift-off!)
    It’s been a while since I’ve lusted after something…that bad…LOL. Just lovely!

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