the spinning mojo returns

It feels like for the last few days all my spare time has been spent at my spinning wheel.  This always happens after a spinning guild meeting!  This Saturday at the meeting most members were taking part in a dyeing workshop, but being surrounded by so many crafty and inspirational people always makes me want to spin rather than knit.  (My buddy and workmate Rebecca has this affect on me too…)

First up was my final batch of corridale.  As soon as this dries I’ll be able to finish my handspun Chickadee sweater, which is lovely and almost done – but crying at me from my knitting basket because it only has one sleeve.

Then I finished up my February club fibre from HilltopCloud, a gorgeous shetland/merino/mohair mix called Lonely Hillside –

(Sorry – not sure if anything is in focus in the picture above but you get the idea, it’s pretty!)

And then onto a very very old spinning WIP – this is a merino/nylon blend from The Yarn Yard.  It was so old that underneath I found some of the yarn I used for my Owls sweater (2009) being used as the leader.  This is very handy, since last week I found a hole in the sleeve and didn’t have anything that matched to fix it!

Thanks so much too for all your comments and suggestions on my 100th pair of socks…It looks like a winner has been decided but I’ll keep the poll open until tomorrow night.  And as a thank you (and for my amusement) here is a silly dog photo.  I had to fight these two for a place in front of the fire this weekend…



4 thoughts on “the spinning mojo returns

  1. So cute. You have been busy with your spinning. You’re right about the guild. I split my fibre into small balls – 17.5 of them. I’ve spun 1.5 so far.

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