my weekend in pictures

My first attempt at hand quilting, thanks to a lesson from my buddy Fiona.

Homemade snickerdropper!!  My favourite sweet thing in the world (quote Ysolda: ‘It’s like snickers and millionaire shortbread had a baby!’), a treat from our old knit night cafe and now re-created for me by Fiona…

This would have been done if it wasn’t for a sudden thread shortage.  Anybody recognise the pattern?

I knit.  A lot.  I spent most of yesterday evening wrestling with ribbing and icord, and now my knitting basket is overflowing with an almost completed Carter Cardigan…

A new phase of decorating has begun and I spent hours standing inside a very small space covered in tile paint.  And somehow managed to get it all over my legs, through my painting trousers.  Goodbye grubby-yellow shower room!

The only thing missing was a little time at my spinning wheel, so that is at the top of my list for crafting fun this week…


10 thoughts on “my weekend in pictures

  1. I’d love to try hand-quilting someday. I don’t have a machine that can do it at the moment, so I suppose if I want to try quilting at all, it’ll have to be by hand!

    And that snickerdropper looks delicious!

  2. i LOVE to hand-quilt! to me, it’s almost as relaxing as knitting, provided i don’t stick my finger too much!! hand-quilting has a ‘home-made’ look…machinne quilting(which i’ve also done) reminds me of ‘store-bought’!! everyone has their preferences… what pattern is it? i didn’t recognize it. (could it be one particular to Scotland? i live in IOWA-USA)

    i’m anxious to see that gorgeous red knit completed! your knitting is beautiful!
    nice to meet you here!! ^)^linda

  3. Quilting by hand is relaxing! Your stitches are very good. I was one of the first quilt teacher here in Italy, It seems ages ago… I’ve give up with patchwork and quilting about 3 year ago when I was pregnant, I’ve got a sort of nausea when of it at the time, and then with the baby was very difficult to resume quilting. But never say never, I have a very large fabric stash that wait to me. 🙂
    The Carter Cardigan look beautiful! Can’t wait to see a photo of it on you.

  4. I don’t mind sharing.

    2oz butter/ margarine
    5 Snickers Bars – roughly chopped
    2 or 3 tablespoons of Golden Syrup
    Large packet of digestive biscuits – crushed
    Chocolate (melted) for topping

    Melt the butter
    Add in Snickers bars and syrup until melted
    Add in crushed biscuits gradually until coated in the Snickers mixture
    Turn out onto a greased baking tray
    Allow to cool, then cover in melted chocolate
    Should make about 20 pieces

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