lots of leaves

I think its because I can smell spring when I take Penny outside to play – leaves seem to appearing in all my craft projects…

A Leaves Long Beanie by Melissa La Barre, from Weekend Hats – maybe the quickest knit ever and due for some pretty finished photos this weekend.

The back of a funny little quilt I’m working on (the front is just as spring-like!  More soon…)

A little crafting play, some free-motion quilting for fun and something for a random quilted/sewn/embroidered artwork inspired by a recent blog post by Maya Donenfeld.  Not sure how I feel about this one, I’m waiting for some late night inspiration to hit me…

And yet another quick hat, a Foliage hat by Emilee Mooney.  This is Vintage Knitty from back in 2007, before I even knew how to knit…


4 thoughts on “lots of leaves

  1. i love leaf patterns too!! my 1st shawl was a leaf design! i use it in baby sweater embellishments, lace socks…maybe because i love gardening!! ^)^linda

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