mother’s day potholders

I’m not a great fan of tradition for the sake of it, but this is one I really like.  This is my third year of making potholders for Mother’s Day, and now my mum has them hanging in her kitchen I can show some pictures.

The patchwork was supposed to be the centre of a huge quilt for someone else in my family, but I wasn’t feeling much love for it as it hung on my wall so I scrapped the original idea.  So with the patchwork part already being done I thought I’d spend more time on the quilting, and last weekend my friend Fiona showed my how to hand-quilt.  I used a piece of quilting on her kitchen table as inspiration, she drew me a little circle template and away I went.

Fiona pointed out how close the top patchwork and quilting design was to the backing fabric, which I also used on the front a little.

Happy Mothers Day!


11 thoughts on “mother’s day potholders

  1. this looks like a miniature Double Wedding Ring Quilt!!! a lot faster completion too! great quilting stitches and beautiful miter’d corners!! now you’re ready for a big DbWedRing!! ^)^linda

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