snowflakes and two colours

It seems like the knitting world is being overcome with snowflakes and pom poms at the moment.  I am very happy about this.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI jumped on the Snawheid pattern by Kate Davies (thank you, Kate!) and two days later I was making a massive pom pom and gleefully trying to solicit admiring comments from fellow dog walkers about my awesome hat.  No-one said anything, but I did see some stare at the top of my head.

It wasn’t enough.  I posted in Kate’s forum on Ravelry that I was going to clear my projects and stick to simple things until her new book came out.  Then I cast on for Boreal.  I can’t even tell you how happy this sweater makes me, I am obsessed.  I’m going to turn it into a cardigan though, since I seem to find those most useful.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASince taking this picture I’ve finished the body to the armholes, attached the first sleeve and am working up the second.  I have lots of family coming this weekend but am sorely tempted to make them fend for themselves because I want to knit this sweater.

Aside from the snowflakes though, I’ve noticed that pretty much everything I’ve knit (or plan on knitting) recently uses two colours.   Evidence – Another Agnes, Blue-Eyed Susan, Kabouter, Geysir Stretch, Aurora Expanse.  Not sure why, maybe this is what happens as you run down your stash a little?  Not that I am short of yarn by any means…

It’s been a tricky week for some reason, but I have perked up thanks to thinking about future crafting happiness.  The first – I have good reason to believe that a lovely friend is sending an Embroidery Subscription from Rebecca Ringquist my way.  And the second – a while ago I appear to accidentally have signed up for a 3 month fibre club subscription from Hedegehog Fibres.  There a still a couple of places I think, and sign ups close soon.

Hope everyone has have a good weekend x

dear family

It is lovely that you all like handmade gifts for Christmas.  It is also very convenient for me that you all request things, usually exactly one year in advance.  I guess that seeing the person sitting beside you open up something lovely makes you want it too, and that’s nice.

Over the past few weeks you have all been especially lovely to me, and I would love to do my usual and knit for each and every one of you.  I have even made a list of what you would all like and what I would like to make you.

The thing is though, that now its mid-November and my heart isn’t really in it.  Usually by now I only have a couple of things left to make, and at the start of December I am done and feeling smug.  According to my list though I still have 7 pairs of socks (2 of which currently on the needles), a pair of mitts, a cushion and a knitted cake to get though, and I don’t think its going to happen.

Here is my new plan.  I’d already decided that the things I would make this year are patterns I want to try anyway.  Knitting helps me feel better, and I only want to make things I like.  I’m going to work through my list at my own pace, if I feel like it, and in no preference to the family member the knitting is for.  I’ll keep going until a week before Christmas, and then I’m going shopping to fill in the gaps.

I hope you all understand, and if you’re reading this, spread the word.  Right now I’m going to work on my squishy wrap for me, and maybe start something beautiful in handspun for me.  I’ll think about you all while I’m doing it.


Love Me x

And in case anybody wonders, the embroidery is a Rebecca Ringquist sampler, which you can get here.




So I’ve been living pretty quietly, and that, combined with some fairly craptastic life events means I haven’t been feeling that chatty.  That’s all I’m going to say about it, and I’m doing better.  As I try to get back into the swing of things I realise that I have lots of wonderful and fun things going on too.

1.  My Pup


Here is wee Penny, very delicately trying to prise the last of her Rhinebeck biscuits from my hand.  Yep, my lovely workmates not only go to Rhinebeck and bring me fibre goodies, but they think about my dog too.  So nice x

2.  Abandoning a planned 2 hour housework session to run about in the muddy woods with Penny.  It feels like Scotland is starting to lose any sense of daylight, so it had to be done.

3.  Knit-a-longs.  I have these coming out of my eyeballs at the moment, but they are all fun and stash-busting.  Woolly Wormhead’s 2012 Mystery Hat KAL is almost over, but I’ve loved everything about it.  The pattern, the yarn, the Ravelry group…  I’ll be kind of sad when I finish the crown tomorrow when the last clue is released, but at least I’ll have an awesome new hat to console me.

Then there’s Stephen West’s ChoreoKAL.  It’s hilarious.  Stephen is hilarious.  I have decided to fully embrace the sillyness and take strange photos of myself.  The knitting part is fun too.  You know that people are excited about a pattern release when you see a discussion about when Stephen went to bed (going by his last Ravelry posts), where he lives and so what time he might be getting up to release the first pattern.

And then there’s the Cookie A KAL of Knit Sock Love which is now complete and has resulted in 20 pairs of socks and me being awarded the title of ‘Master Baker.’  I’ll post more about this another time, but it was so much fun I’ve signed up for another Cookie KAL, though its a bit less hardcore than last time.

4.  The thought of a 6 hour round trip with Mr Saz next week, and me in the passenger seat with a big pile of merino, wool and angora that I get to turn into a massive garter stitch shawl edging.  I can’t wait.