dear family

It is lovely that you all like handmade gifts for Christmas.  It is also very convenient for me that you all request things, usually exactly one year in advance.  I guess that seeing the person sitting beside you open up something lovely makes you want it too, and that’s nice.

Over the past few weeks you have all been especially lovely to me, and I would love to do my usual and knit for each and every one of you.  I have even made a list of what you would all like and what I would like to make you.

The thing is though, that now its mid-November and my heart isn’t really in it.  Usually by now I only have a couple of things left to make, and at the start of December I am done and feeling smug.  According to my list though I still have 7 pairs of socks (2 of which currently on the needles), a pair of mitts, a cushion and a knitted cake to get though, and I don’t think its going to happen.

Here is my new plan.  I’d already decided that the things I would make this year are patterns I want to try anyway.  Knitting helps me feel better, and I only want to make things I like.  I’m going to work through my list at my own pace, if I feel like it, and in no preference to the family member the knitting is for.  I’ll keep going until a week before Christmas, and then I’m going shopping to fill in the gaps.

I hope you all understand, and if you’re reading this, spread the word.  Right now I’m going to work on my squishy wrap for me, and maybe start something beautiful in handspun for me.  I’ll think about you all while I’m doing it.


Love Me x

And in case anybody wonders, the embroidery is a Rebecca Ringquist sampler, which you can get here.



12 thoughts on “dear family

  1. Your whole family love you inside out. Back to front and from top to toe. We love your new plan!! Take the pressure off and do what makes you happy. There are times in life when it’s right to do what’s right for you. And this is most definitely one of them. x

  2. That sounds like a super sensible plan, I too am focusing on things for me right now (and not just in terms of crafts), there are times when its too easy to put others before yourself, but you have to nurture what you want and need; if you are happy then the people around you are also happy 🙂 Look forward to seeing the projects you are working, something lovely in handspun sounds just the ticket.

  3. Hi Sarah, well, I don’t really qualify to post here, but since you have a presence on all the knitting blogs extraordinare, that means you’re noticed, by me. I love everything you’ve made and posted (and that others have posted), and being a Maker Of Things, I know just how it is when we are hit hard by, and feel our limitation. I really think it breaks our own hearts more than it even concerns those we want to make for. So, from a fellow Maker, I send you a hug. 🙂

    • Thank you! You’re right that I might feel a little sad when some of my family don’t get their usual handknit socks, but hey, hopefully their sock drawers are full enough already. My mum is also a Maker Of Things, so I know she understands!

      • Yes, and fortunately, their socks should hold them through for a good long while ! One christmas I carved and made a full working marrionette, for a boy I was nanny for, AND sew’d Folkwear Kinsale Cloak, in red velveteen, for the older sister… and made pies and cookies to deliver to the family…just one family, not even my family !!! When that Making goes on overdrive, we sometimes need to put the brakes on just for perspective. 🙂 So, another hug. 🙂

  4. Whatever your troubles are at the moment, take joy in having (looking at your parents comment) such a lovely family.

    I only ‘know’ you through your blogging, but I do wish you the best.

  5. Hi Sarah, I am just so pleased you are back and thank you for sharing your plan! It sounds like a great plan and I always think we are so lucky to be able to make things and feel so much pleasure and fun out of it. My husband smiles when I show him my FOs (that are for ME!) . I’m sure your family feel the same. What makes you happy makes your family happy! Looking forward to reading you blog 🙂

  6. Oh man! I should be posting the exact same letter to my family! I’ve just had the realisation that I don’t actually have 3 separate pots of time – knitting time, quilting time & sewing time. Really they are just one pot and it isn’t anywhere near big enough. Hey ho! Glad to hear that you are knitting things for you that will make you happy. There are always other years and other occasions for knitted gifts.

  7. You just make it easier for me to follow your plans. Time is running out for Christmas knitting other than my own presents. Knitting is a hobby; should be enjoyed. I will give two 2011 Christmas presents that I just cast off. Win-win. Happy knitting.

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