whoops, i started a blanket (again)

My new plan of only making things that bring me happiness is definitely a good thing, but it means that for now, a few things have gone into hibernation.  Two of them are blankets, one old and one fairly new.


The old is my lovely Handspun Beekeeper which I cast on last year along with many other knitters.  It stalled at 100 puffs when I ran out of handspun scraps of the right weight, but I’ve since collected enough little bits to add to it and it hasn’t yet made it back onto my needles.  (I’ve just realised that the needles I use for puffs are currently stuck in another unfinished and hibernating thing, so it might be a while.)


And the newer is another handspun blanket, but in my aran and chunky scraps this time.  I went for the Snowdon Blanket from the Juju’s Loops book, but this one went on hold after just one sitting of working on it.  Chunky yarn scraps don’t go as far…

This week is another high-production craft week due to more long car journeys as a passenger.  I started Stephen West’s In Defense of Tights from the ChoreoKAL using some Natural Dye Studio Dazzle Sock to work on in the car, and ended up buying a ball of Regia Hand Dye Effect to stripe.  I never knew double moss stitch could be so addictive, and I finished one yesterday.  Because the pattern uses so little of the striping yarn, the first one started off contrasting nicely with the solid, but then stayed on a new colour that didn’t work so well.  I love it though.

So I looked for ways to move on the striping colour a little before starting the second armwarmer, and somehow the best plan I came up with (other than just winding off a little, that seemed too easy) was to, um, start a crochet blanket.


I’m sure the idea was in the back of my head somewhere after seeing this one.  This little square was so quick I’m going to try and work up one a day, and then join them all with a neutral colour.  I can’t decide though whether to stick to the reds, oranges, purples and pinks, or if I should work some in many colours and then fade through them all in the blanket.  Any thoughts?!  Bearing in mind though my blanket-making speed, it’s probably going to be about five years before I have to make any decisions.


2 thoughts on “whoops, i started a blanket (again)

  1. ooh, i love the richness of that colour square. Perhaps all in jewel tones would be a really heartwarming blanket for next autumn, just as the days turn colder.

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