crazy thinking

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANone of the things I posted pictures of on Friday actually saw any progress.  I only really had the evening free for crafting since Mr Saz was away at a Christmas party.  I made the most of it by making lots of mess.  By the time I went to bed it looked like a craft shop had exploded in my office.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABy the end of it i did get three cute little tree decorations.  I made a template using a much reduced version of the Peep Boots pattern from Lizzy House, roughly quilted them, added some ribbon and improvised the construction.  Done!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy mind keeps wandering into a crazy Christmas place.  Over the weekend this included:

1. This Christmas every spare room will have someone in it, but I don’t have enough quilts to go round.  I know!  I could make a double-bed sized quilt so that everyone gets one.

2. I like Christmas stockings.  I know! I could make a full-sized stocking for every single person who will be in my house on Christmas day (11 people), sneak downstairs in the night and hang them up over the fireplace on Christmas Eve.

3.  The biggest bedroom in my house had a nasty incident with a dodgy bit of wall on the outside of the house and looks a bit grotty.  My parents will be staying in there.  I know!  I’ll completely redecorate the room in time for Christmas, and make cushions to match the new colour scheme.  Oh, but then the quilt won’t match, I could make another quilt!

4.  I know I said I wasn’t making everyone presents this year, but maybe I just need to simplify things a bit.  I know!  I’ll just look over the old gift list and convince myself that its actually all possible.  It definitely is.

Um, no.  I talked myself out of all of it.  I might repaint the one dodgy wall in the spare room since the plan went far enough to actually buy the paint, but that’s it.  There will be no new quilts or cushions or Christmas stockings for all.  I might hem the curtains in the hallway which have been hanging since we moved in, unhemmed.

Other than that I am covering my house in tiny lights and candles and calling it Christmas.   And last night me and Mr Saz opened a chocolate present we bought for someone and ate it.  It feels good to be a little selfish sometimes.


12 thoughts on “crazy thinking

  1. I’m glad you’ve abandoned those plans, it was beginning to sound like something out of one of those panic inducing articles in magazines on “the perfect Christmas” (daft idea, if you had the perfect Christmas the next one would be a right let down!). Pretty stockings though.

  2. I’m so glad its not just me…redecorate the kitchen, make a full set of appliqued and embroidered table linen, stocking for everyone, gifts for all! Then I saw sense, made a large pot of tea and got busy on the internet finding gifts I know they’ll love but which won’t give me a complete meltdown trying to finish on time. And as for the kitchen…I’ll just ply them with wine so they wont notice!
    Happy Christmas to us! 😉

  3. Well, you are the Most ! I personally think you are “Christmas OCD” :: wink, laugh :: , as your generosity spills over into every square inch, every crack in the sidewalk, every branch on the tree. You are quite simply, delightful wee Christmas Elf, hovering everywhere…. Santa’s most prolific of all. I’ll be Christmas OCD-ing soon enough, and will be watching this (delightful) space too, as it reminds me that things that are given in big proportions are not unreasonable. 🙂

  4. I liked reading about your plans! They give me some good ideas. I mean, I’ve never quilted a thing before, but I think I need four new double-bed sized spreads. I have been meaning to make a cushion for ages, probably knit, yeah, by Christmas 😉 I am just joking and maybe teasing a little! But these are all fun things to think about, plan and get caught up in. I am also not knitting any gifts this year. I have come to the sad realization that perhaps my family does not love wool as I do. But then, there are knit toys!! Making things is one way I enjoy celebrating life, so naturally at Christmas, I enjoy making crazy ambitious crafty plans too.

  5. Ditto that. Our best intentions are often our worst enemies! So glad you are taking time to make yourself (and not everyone else) happy. I could use a little reminder of that every time I’m in a fabric store!!!

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