my boreal

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe pictures have been up on Ravelry for a few days – but here is my finished Boreal Cardigan!  This project is full of happiness, I knitted the snowflakes with glee and rushed to the finish with the help of some late nights because I was so keen to wear it.


It was knit pretty much to pattern, except the rather obvious difference of buttonbands and buttons.  I cast on with an extra 6 stitches up the centre of the front for the steek, and knit the neck ribbing in the main body colour instead of continuing with red so it would match the buttonbands.  I swithered for ages over buttons – my instinct is to go for something really contrasting (I was edging towards dark teal), but in the end I felt that this sweater had enough going on already so I opted for pale grey, but with red thread.

Wearing it makes me feel more festive, and it was given several bemused glances on the train.  I’m going to pretend they were admiring glances.  They probably were.

All the yarn details etc are on the project page here.  Making Boreal was a festive, fun, stash-busting joy – thank you (again) Kate! x


13 thoughts on “my boreal

  1. Lovely cardigan job of the Boreal ! I would have done it exactly the same way, with lots and lots of buttons (snug cardi’s just look awful with any less than a lot, with gaping stretches pulling out of shape between buttons) .. You look great ! I love your color choices ! Someone else I know knit the Snawheid in the same colorway !!!

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