christmas made a crafter

So it was a busy few days, filled with family, food, fire poking and rain.  I just sat down with my camera and realised that I took very few photos, but almost every single one is of my Dad.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABefore Christmas he didn’t knit, but he likes to talk about knitting.  He’s picked up crafting words and phrases from my mum and likes to drop them into conversation, just like Mr Saz does.  When he visits, he takes me aside and quietly asks for new phrases to add to his crafting vocabulary.  His latest is asking my mum when she’s going to knit him socks “with an afterthought heel.”  At Christmas he gave us some very confident crafting chat about “Jenny’s bind-off” and “how amazing blocking was.”  It’s funny, and very sweet.

So for Christmas I gave him a french knitting thingy as a joke, and was pretty astounded when he asked for yarn.  Rebecca obliged, and my Gran eventually got him started (the printed directions made no sense!)  Before dinner he had about 2 feet of icord trailing from him, and he was asking for different colours.

Dinner was ending and I realised he wasn’t at the table – he was sitting alone in a corner of the living room with his knitting.  He decided to go back to the green he started with because “the green wool Bex gave me is my favourite, I like that one.”  His crafting masterplan is to alternate three colours and then finish with some yellow.  Right before he left it became clear he needed a project bag, and we were all coming up with possible Ravelry names he could use.  It was hilarious, and very endearing!

The only photo on my camera that doesn’t feature either my Dad, his hands, his cord or his yarn, is this one –

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPenny loves my brother because he invites her up on the sofa.  But the minute he got up to poke the fire she spread into his space…

I hope the last couple of days of the year are calm and peaceful for everyone.  I’ll be back on Hogmanay with a finished embroidery project.  Just need to hang it…


9 thoughts on “christmas made a crafter

  1. What a brilliant Dad. Must try teaching mine to knit, he’s so keen on wool etc. – was reading Kate Davies’ new book before I was on Christmas day! They are great photos, glad you had a good Christmas, hope it’s a great new year for you and all your family x

  2. What a sweet post, thank you for sharing! Your father’s next project could be the Noro Striped Scarf, I’m pretty sure he would enjoy it a lot!
    Love your blog and all your projects.
    Happy New Year!

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