from my family’s new crafter

Remember this?  My dad turned up at the weekend, cradling his hand-crafted masterpiece in a box.


He turned his 9+ metres of cord into a little bowl!  It is very beautiful, and now cradling my eggs in the kitchen, since it reminds me a little of a bird nest.  Thank you Dad!!  Please feel free to leave suggestions of what his next project should be…he’s pretty attached to his little french knitter and wants to leave the two-needle knitting to my mum.  I suspect this is because he prefers her to knit his socks, rather than doing it himself…


Other news – I don’t think it’s obvious from the photo, but these are shop-bought eggs.  Our two remaining chickens Bowie and Mrs Weasley officially retired from egg production a few months ago and seem to be content merely pecking about our garden with nothing to show for it.  They’re elderly though, so we forgave them.  So for a while I’ve been on the hunt for more chickens to rehome and had almost given up after the charity that usually rescues them decided to stop its work in Scotland.  But this week I got a tip-off about a rescue happening in March, and there are now 4 new chicken ladies coming our way!  There’s a few weeks to go, so plenty of time to build a new enclosure and get things cosy for the newcomers.  Seeing caged chickens experience the outdoors for the first time is a wonderful and entertaining thing – I might try and film it…

There are still hens looking for homes – so if anyone is interested in the details leave me a wee comment and I’ll get in touch.  You’d need to willing/able to collect them from Central Scotland at the end of March…

ETA – I’ve just realised that the blue yarn my Dad used in his bowl is Quince and Co Chickadee in the colourway ‘Bird’s Egg.’  Haha, how appropriate!


10 thoughts on “from my family’s new crafter

  1. The bowl is beautiful. Thank you to your dad for the great idea. My daughter has just learned to use the same tool and her current “worm” is about 1.5 m long. Maybe a bowl for us too. She has already made a hairband with the addition of a button, but perhaps your dad would not find that such a great idea.

  2. I am *so* touched by this post ! Your dad is amazing,,,, can see now how the family values crafting, and it’s not just a ‘thing’ with you. The laying hen rescue is just too too cool !!!!

  3. Wow, your dad is amazing! Different colour inside, too. It so cool! Perhaps, he can make different length of codes and put a chime each to make a wind chime? 🙂

  4. That is beautiful, so much love in every stitch, like the socks yesterday, good colour combinations too. My dad likewise isn’t keen on learning to knit for similar reasons I suspect! But socks are 4 needle knitting really, so he could learn to knit flat and still not have to knit his own socks (don’t tell your mum I said this!), they could trade socks for scarves or similar? I love that your family are into making things too.

  5. Ah, this story is so incredibly heartwarming. How lovely that he took to something that means so much to you and your family. I love it. Dads are awesome.

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