my black hole of needles

Do you ever sit down to start a new piece of knitting, know for sure that you have needles in every size but can never find what you need?  I’ve had this problem for a while, then in the corner of my eye I noticed a metal needle tip peeking out of my knitting basket.  This is where my needle-troubles are brewing.  I decided to be really, truly honest and count my works-in-progress.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere were 17 things on that list.  Only one of them I decided to rip, but and then I accidentally cast-on something else and so added another.  For me, this is too much.  I made a little pact with my mum that I would finish two things on the list before starting each new thing, but it only seemed to last as long as she was in my house.

This list does include though three long-term projects, one that is waiting on more laceweight yarn being spun, and two that actually belong to my mum, but I said I would finish off for her.  This is what is eating my needles!

I came up with great plan!  Instead of trying to work through them, or be truly ruthless and rip another two or three, I reached for the unfinished quilt in the cupboard and started working on that…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf this gets finished, it’ll clear more space in my unfinished things pile than the rest of them combined!

I’m not going to say too much about this quilt for now, as its a gift for someone who may read here.  It was lovely to be back at my sewing machine for oh, 30 minutes?  Now I have to work through the hand quilting, which I suspect may take a little longer…


9 thoughts on “my black hole of needles

  1. It’s so funny I read this post today because just last night I had a knitting nightmare about works in progress – I have 3 of them and I’m totally stressed about that 😀 The “problem” is there is so many new exciting knitting patterns published all the time… plus the old ones in the must knit -list.

  2. I hate that feeling when you know you have the needles but just can’t find them. I only have 3 wips at the moment, which is a lot for me.

  3. You made me feel better until I realised you were including sewing projects as well in your count. I daren’t even start to count mine.

  4. I think I have about as many knitting wips as you do, but I can’t be sure because I am afraid to count them. Maybe I’ll take a peek to see how some of them are doing this weekend…

  5. I think for my sanity I’d better not count my WIPs – especially if I include the planned but not even started projects!

    The quilt looks beautiful and very snuggly so perfect for wintery days.

  6. but, Sara, you are one of the most speedy knitter I know in the blogworld 🙂 so I can’t imagine in how many hours you could finish a project if you will work on one at the time :)) so, please keep going on that wip list. xo, Giusy that has 7 wip and so many Quilt UFO in her closets 🙂

  7. The quilt looks beautiful. Good luck with your WIPS! My sister (LouBug) wrote a post on ‘finish-up February’. No new projects until old ones finished (all to be completed in Feb!)

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