sorry gudrun x

Remember my lovely Levenwick?  I pounced on the pattern seconds after I saw this design for the first time, and ordered my Shelter to knit it a few minutes later.  On Thursday night though, we said goodbye.


I love the design, the yarn, and the making of it, but we never became close friends and I think I wore it only a handful of times.  Some of the problems were fixable – it was too big and the buttons were in the wrong place.  But its main issue I think was the colour – I bought the colour of yarn I loved at the time (and still do), with no thought whatsoever about whether it would suit me, and I don’t think it does.

Then, almost immediately after the ripping session I became the victim of a very strange mascara-allergy incident, which made my head try to explode and kept me awake all night.  (Please – no sympathy – this is not a serious problem and has taught me that mascara that I’m allergic to does not belong inside my eyes.)  So Friday was spent in bed, trying to hold my face together and get even just a little sleep….  It never happened, so I ignored all the warnings from my inner-knitter (16 wips, Saz, remember?!) and um, cast on something new.


All done in one sitting (but really kind of lying down), a Honey Crisp by Gudrun Johnston.  Ravelled here.  Lovely and satisfying to knit, and I’ve hardly taken it off since I finished it.  And it is definitely my colour.


11 thoughts on “sorry gudrun x

  1. Funny to see a blog post title saying “sorry Gudrun”! Well I love your new cowl (of course) and I know what you mean about just not being sure about a certain colour…happens to me a lot!

  2. the cowl looks so cozy! I have just purchased a copy of knit with me and am now thinking this might be the first pattern I cast on ( I also have a huge pile of wips which I ignore for something new and shiny)

  3. Such a shame about your Levenwick as it was really lovely. There’s not much point in a lovely thing just sitting in the wardrobe unworn though, so hopefully now you can reuse that gorgeous shade of Shelter for an accessory, or something that’s not worn or perhaps is worn on somebody else! Your blue cowl looks ace 🙂

    • Thanks! And yes, the Shelter is already destined for a new purpose, away from my face! I’m thinking about Gudrun’s legwarmers from her new book, by way of another apology, and because right now I have cold legs…

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