january sampler

I’m not sure where February has gone.  How can it be almost over already?

Our house has been very quiet for the last few days and yesterday was filled with worry.  Penny had some surgery – nothing life-threatening or serious – but nasty and uncomfortable nonetheless.  I picked her up from the vet, drugged and unsteady, and was told that she’d needed 13 teeth removed, as well as three benign lumps under her tail.  We inherited her bad teeth when we rescued her, and now the dental work is complete I am armed and ready with brushes and chicken-flavoured toothpaste for when her wee mouth recovers.

And so as she lay slumped in bed yesterday, crying whenever I stopped stroking her head, I realised that knitting anything was going to be difficult.  So I switched to embroidery, which seemed easier to pick up and put down for when she woke up and realised I wasn’t there.  My little January sampler from the Dropcloth monthly sampler club got finished off, and I made a start on February.  Seems only right since the month is almost over, and soon the March design will be arriving…



7 thoughts on “january sampler

  1. Poor pup – I hope she feels better soon. Your embroidery is beautiful, do you have a plan for them when they’re finished or is it just for the joy of it?

  2. Poor thing! I know she’ll feel better with those pesky teeth removed, but it must be very uncomfortable for now. Having you near is the best comfort, I’m sure.

  3. Poor Penny. Reading this post of yours today prompted me to call the vet and bring in Emma for a little bump on her leg. FIngers crossed !

    Love the embroidery samplers… you are serious about this stuff ! 🙂

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