I had plans to post about crafting today, it was a very productive weekend and I have a couple of lovely finished things to talk about.  But today is all about new chickens!!!…

I am beyond excited suddenly to have some new ladies in the garden.  Just like last time we are rehoming ex-battery hens, which as of right now are still in their overheated, caged and permanently indoor environment.  Only a few hours to go before they begin their wonderful new life in our garden, and learn about things like ‘sky,’ ‘grass,’ ‘beasties,’ and my personal favourite – ‘people that care about them.’

Well, not quite the first three…yet.  Because of the position of the pesky jet steam, Scotland feels like the North American tundra.  I can compare, I’ve actually been there.  So we’ve decided to keep them indoors for a little while and I am building a chicken pen in the garage, which (bizarrely) has its own working radiator.  I’m not sure what the previous owners of this house were thinking at the time, but the new ladies will be grateful.

So – names?!  My mother-in-law suggested an excellent one that I’m sure we’ll use, and I have another in mind as a maybe.  But other than that our new hens will be referred to as ‘orange sweater,’ ‘blue sweater,’ until we come up with something, so please post suggestions in the comments…!  Ever wanted to name a chicken?  Now’s your chance!!*

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA*No guarantees…it’ll, um, depend what the new ladies look like and whether their names fit.  The chicken above is named after David Bowie.  To me, the resemblance is obvious.

Also – tomorrow I’ll pick a winner of the embroidery sampler and threads, so one more day to enter here.


12 thoughts on “excitement!

  1. Chickens!!!!
    My suggestions for the names of Bowie’s new buddies are:
    Brian, Eno and Roxy
    (no prizes for guessing what I’m listening to right now)

  2. Gertrude, Harriet, Betsy – I love the old-fashioned names. My two are called Thelma and Phyllis after our grandmothers because they so industrious and endearing.

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