playing with colour

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt was missing something…but now I think I’ve settled on this –


It’s been a relaxed weekend here, eating with family and playing with swatches and yarn.  The above is for a Sixareen Cape, which has been brewing in my mind for a while.

It’s still freezing, but it seems like the garden is starting to defrost a little and the snow is gradually retreating.  And so today our new chicken ladies were settled in their outdoor home after what was a pretty entertaining week in our garage.  Once they’ve stopped gorging themselves on grass and put their heads up towards the sky a little I’ll introduce them properly…

6 thoughts on “playing with colour

  1. This is lovely! What’s your process for choosing colours? Do you work from a shade card? I ask because I just recently started a colourwork project (Kate Davies’ Ursula) and for the first time I picked my own colours – and it was really difficult!

    • I don’t really have a process to be honest, just play about until I get something I like. I do think a little about values, and how the colours next to each other will contrast, but that’s pretty much it! Oh, and I get opinions from buddies…sometimes!

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