february and april

We’re back now from our little trip (more on that later).  I used my train travel wisely, and stitched away on my samplers from the Dropcloth Sampler of the Month Club.  As much as I love knitting, its nice to have fallen for another portable craft.  It almost makes me miss my commute.

This sampler series is becoming a bit of diary of my year.  I stitch the samplers in colour combinations that are meaningful to me at the time, or that are featuring in my life in some way.  The fabric I use for backing is starting to be involved in this too.  I feel sure that these samplers will become part of a quilt next year, and the plan is starting to come together in my head.

February was blanket stitches, and all about love –

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAApril landed in my ‘craft tambourine’ (as Mr Saz calls it) as soon as it arrived, leapfrogging March since it didn’t require a stitch dictionary and therefore was a bit more travel-friendly.  March has some very personal inspiration behind it, and needs a bit of thinking.

And so April was running stitches, and all about growth –

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAApril makes me want to go back to the previous samplers and attack them with the embroidery foot on my sewing machine.  But since I’ve already considered them done, I am resisting…


7 thoughts on “february and april

  1. ‘Craft tambourine’ – brilliant! You’re inspiring me to dig some tambourines out; I’ve just signed up for a goldwork workshop in June, so should probably refresh my embroidery skills. I am also a big fan of the little heart on February: such a beautiful touch.

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