picnic blanket skirt

Ta da!  For the first time ever I have finished a sewn garment that is actually going into my wardrobe!


Not the sharpest picture, but since its also one of the only times I’ve smiled into a camera without looking like I am about to murder someone, its the one that’s going up.  (Bowie the Chicken says hello.  She is in a very friendly mood just now and wants a cuddle at every opportunity.  Its egg-laying time and she hopes I might be a man.  Anyway….)

I made a Picnic Blanket Skirt mostly during a class on Saturday at Ray Stitch, with the lovely Tilly.  It was fun, and I learnt a few things that are probably super-obvious to sewing people of experience, but which being self-taught and always alone at my sewing machine I just never figured out or thought about.  The class also made me want to sew all the things.  Now.

Once I got home and was faced with the final touches on my own I discovered a bit of a problem.  Originally I drew and cut the pattern so the waistband would sit lower (probably closer to where I wear my jeans), but after trying it on this was NOT a good look.  It really needed to sit closer to the narrowest point of my waist to make those gathers look sensible.  In the olden days I would have realised this, though ‘oh well,’ finished it anyway just to be done and then put it away in a drawer.  Not now!  Taking the whole thing apart – gathers, top-stitching and all, seemed a step too far, so some surgery was required.  I figured out how much fabric needed to come out to make the waistband narrower, centred it on the back, calculated seam allowances, cut out a chunk and french seamed right the way up the back.  It means there is a little lumpy bit on the wrong side of the waistband at the back, but it sits nicely in the small of my back and doesn’t bother me.  And it means that I’ll wear the skirt, so I’m calling this a success.

The offending extra piece late at night –


The fabric is Architextures by Carolyn Friedland, from Ray Stitch, and the buttons are cute ones that were on their counter beside the cake.  A darker fabric might have been an idea (I already smeared a teeny bit of chocolate on it), but hey ho, I love it anyway.


I also took the time to finish this really, really well.  I’m going to visit my Gran next week and she likes to look inside the things I make.  She has very high standards…  I even added a hook and eye closure at the waistband to stop any gaping.  (Insert smug face here.)


And now a silly picture, which is going up only as proof that I wore awesome shoes to match yesterday.  Just need to practice walking in them..  They don’t look that high in the picture, but as a chicken-lady who lives in wellies, I teeter in these beauties!


15 thoughts on “picnic blanket skirt

  1. oh Sarah is a joy seeing your smile! I love the skirt and you seems a sort of Disney princess in those photos :). Tilly is just lovely, i follow her blog and I enjoyed watching her in the GBSB series! keep up you’re doing great!

  2. Oh Sarah, ‘Hen’ if I may call you 🙂 Your skirt is great, and even better, a great learning experience. I am like our gran, and go straight to what things look like on the wrong side. In fact, I have this little thing when I make something now (ever since I discovered French seaming) that no raw edges can be visible on the inside, crazy. So I want to sew now ! I am afraid though, that my waist is no longer where I last saw it, and might do best with elastic casings. 🙂

  3. Your latest sewing post made me go back to the sewing section of your blog, and then I found this! It’s the same pattern which a friend and I are planning to make as our next sewing project! I’m a bit intimidated (what with my sewing repertoire containing a total of two finished objects, neither of which contained more than 2 pieces of fabric), but now I have a cunning plan to email you if we run into any trouble, hehe! 🙂

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