slowly emerging

It’s been a while since I last posted, how it can it nearing the end of May already?!  For almost two weeks I’ve been floored by something nasty called the flu.  It wasn’t pretty.  Neither was trying to look composed in my brother’s wedding photos when there was no-one behind me to hold onto.

This week I’ve been attempting recovery in the fresh air, which has mainly involved drinking herbal tea outside my greenhouse, giving directions to my lovely father-in-law John and coughing a lot.  I am starting to see changes in my garden, finally, after almost 3 years of battling weeds, overgrown everything, endless rain and that feeling of where do I start?. The answer – a little section at a time.  Eventually it’ll all be beautiful.  This year’s tasks are the front door, and my favourite bit, the vegetable garden.

I found this picture from 2 years ago –


And now, today, from roughly the same place –



This gate is the sole reason my vegetable garden exists, and there are things growing in it (though not as fast as I’d like, it is Scotland in May after all…).  This gate is the difference between my chickens gorging themselves on tasty, organic fruit and vegetables, and the humans gorging themselves on tasty, organic fruit and vegetables.  I mentioned to John a few weeks ago that ‘hmm, maybe a gate here would be a good idea?’ and then a few days later we got back from a trip up north and he’d built one from scraps of wood from our garage and installed it in the perfect place. Such a wonderful man.  I cried when I saw it.






The parts of the garden John and I have worked in feel so full of hope, and right now I’m clinging tightly to that.  The last three years have started that way too, then all that hope has been washed away by crappy weather.  It seems like this year we’ve got a better start.  Does anyone have any favourite rhubarb preserving recipes?

7 thoughts on “slowly emerging

  1. Your garden is coming along beautifully! I love the little bursts of color and livelihood you’ve managed to instill. It’s a dream of mine to have a lovely garden of my own someday (and sheep…and a spinning wheel…etc), but until then I look forward to seeing how yours grows 🙂

  2. I was reading some F Scott Fitzgerald last night and he described the “rows of prospective salads” in a vegetable garden, your photographs reminded me of it. Nigel Slater’s book Tender might have some ideas?

  3. Rhubarb crumble – I never seem to get any further than that. I keep thinking I should do something different but there is nothing to beat it. (Except apple crumble in the autumn.)

  4. Amazing before and after pictures. What a transformation! I love the color of your gate, bright and cheerful.
    Hope you are feeling better. Tea outside your greenhouse sounds lovely.

  5. the ‘before’ and ‘after’ garden pics are wonderful!! you’ve made a great transformation and so organized!! love the blue gate! i hope you feel better so you can enjoy the spring/summer by having the energy to work in your garden and enjoy the rewards!
    ^)^ linda

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