quietly rambling


It was a very peaceful weekend.  I read, knit a hat and slept, a lot.  The hours I spent conscious were pretty few and far between, but I think my body needed it.  This doesn’t make for the most interesting blog post, so I’m sorry.  But mainly I just wanted to appear to here to thank you for the comments, and many PM’s and emails of love given what I hinted at in my last post.

Things are still fine, though I most likely won’t mention it much here.  If I ever do, I’ll warn you so if you want to, for whatever reason, skip it.  There was a time not too long ago where I found sudden mentions of babies and pregnancy jarring and there were several places both online and in real life that were just too difficult to visit.  As strange as this sounds given my current situation, I often still find this to be true.

Soon it will be a full year since our terrible loss, and I realised this morning that more than a full season has passed with me growing my second little one.  Where has the time gone?  The coming weeks will be busy – I have some wonderful friends coming to visit, and there will be adventures as we try to show them as much of Scotland as we can manage, including a trip to Shetland.  I had a crazy idea this weekend that it’ll be possible to make a quilt for the newly-decorated guest bedroom in time for their arrival.  Still trying to talk myself down from that one…


4 thoughts on “quietly rambling

  1. Yes, I hope you can talk yourself down… your body needs and deserves your full attention, and your guests will understand. Their visit is to see you regardless of a new beautiful quilt. take care.

  2. Have a hug, I think that trying to make something to a really really tight deadline is fairly common to crafters, I was reading the Yarn Harlot’s blog last night when I couldn’t sleep and she was trying to finish a cardigan and some booties for a baby shower the next day… beautiful photo

  3. ooh, are you going to Wool Week? It’ll be a lovely trip even if not. Ongoing virtual hugs and kind thoughts, I felt exactly the same way about unexpectedly encountering pregnancy/babies after my losses, even when I was successfully pregnant. Re:quilt, could you do a wholecloth/applique design to minimise piecing sewing…? (or should I stop encouraging the idea?)

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