Things are getting back to normal here.  I had a lovely two weeks with my visitors, many giggles and crafting sessions and saw a lot of the extremely beautiful country where I am lucky enough to live.  I arrived home feeling very inspired (thank you, Shetland!), and my knitting mojo is back and fierce.

I’ve had so many kind messages over the last weeks, so at the end of this post there will be a tiny amount of little one chat – if you are sensitive to this for whatever reason please feel free to stop reading after the pictures x  Next time I will talk about knitting…










(My mum’s new, slightly modified Sheep Heid.  It is a work of art, her colourwork skills are totally inspiring.)




Turns out I took a lot more pictures of Skye than Shetland, probably because as soon as we landed my fingers were clenched round my knitting needles.  I will save the yarn chatter for another day…



And so to me and my little one.  Things still seem to be fine.  People who know what they’re talking about keep telling me that things are fine and that they know for sure that this little one does not have the same terrible condition that affected our son last year.  So that particular worry has melted, and I try hard not to fill my mind with thoughts of other things that can go wrong.  As I get rounder and feel things wriggle a little, its getting easier to imagine that things might turn out well.  And just like last time, I am hopelessly in love x

In less than a week it will be exactly a year since our tiny little boy was born, and we came home without him.  The weather is turning now, just like it was when we lost him, and I can’t believe a whole year has passed.


15 thoughts on “postcards

  1. Gorgeous pictures, as usual! That sheep hat is AMAZING! Lots of love and hugs to you as you remember Charlie and grow with this new little one. I’m so happy for you my friend!

  2. The end of your post made me shed a little tear. I truly wish you all the best this time around! I’ve been reading your blog a long time. We met once (although I don’t expect you to remember) and you’ve always seemed to be a wonderful person. This baby will be lucky to have you! xxx

  3. Hugs and hopeful thoughts for both of you and your new little one. Hope the next few days aren’t too bad for you and bring you peaceful memories of your wee guy x

  4. Dear Sarah you’re doing great. It is incredibly as people you’ve never met in real life become important to you, maybe reading their blog make the magical feel you know each other as you could know a real friend. Well, I known about your loss this winter while I was surfing Ravelry even if you didn’t announce that to the public audiance. I felt like a lurker and even if felt so sad for you, I didn’t tell you anything because I am “not a friend of you in real life” and I wouldn’t offend you or hurt you. But I secretely hope and pray for you. I was very happy when you shared with us the news of your story and the announcing of the new pregnancy. So this to tell you that even if sometimes you could feel lost by life brutal events here are so many people that care about you, and sends you love and energy. You’re doing great, you managed your loss and you’ve never go ahed about this but you are much stronger now. I would like to tell you much more and better than this, but my language limits doesn’t allow me to express it correctly as I would like. (Why Italians has so much difficult in learning English.?)
    Keep us informed and enjoy your pregnancy!
    Xoxo, G.

  5. Hugs to you….. It sounds like you have good support around you…. I think of you often. Each time I pull out some yarn that I bought from you in Edinburgh reminds me of how much fun you were during that brief shop encounter.
    Thanks for the lovely photos. Scotland always has been one of my favorite places… (Ask my 6th grade teacher! )
    Sending you love!

  6. Your mum made that sheep hat? Good one! I love the photos too. It would be nice to be outside and enjoying the fall weather. It is really great that your little one is still doing well. And you too! This is super news.

  7. Your photos make me feel a little homesick (being also a Sarah from West Lothian 🙂 I enjoy reading your blog every now and then, seeing what gorgeous things you have been making. Glad to read about your little one and that everything is fine. Best wishes 😊

  8. “The worst kind of awfulness” is an excellent way to describe this. I too have had to leave the hospital without our little one, a girl. The next pregnancy was very full of strong emotions and for us ended well. My hopes are that yours will too. Love your hand-made items and I wish I could put together a garden like yours! All the best to you and yours.

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