nothing too girly

Its still early in the day but I have already learned some important lessons.  One – getting up a little early to make blueberry pancakes is always a very smart idea.  Two – don’t wait until you’ve already been outside and in public for 30 minutes before checking to see if your trousers are on inside out.  And three – don’t wait until the day you need to post a handmade gift to take pretty outdoor photos.  Because um, it’s pouring.

And so I know I promised knitting this time, but its going to be a (different) finished quilt instead.  This has probably been my most productive quilt-making year ever, though I’ve still only made a handful.  But this one was my favourite – a quilt for my brother and his wife for when they got married in May, though I was a little late getting it to them.  But they knew it was coming, and my brothers’ only design/colour request was ‘nothing too girly.’






Just some simple log cabin blocks, in lots of fabrics I love.  It started as a little pile of Japanese prints in beautiful, rich dark blues, and then they met up with a little bundle of neutrals from Ray Stitch.  A few things were added from stash, including the gorgeous bird hand-print you can see in the second last picture (I’d been hoarding that one for a while).  The backing was a duvet cover* I spied in Ikea that I thought would be perfect and it all came together to make something lovely.

*oooh I just realised I have enough left to make a new curtain for my craft room…


10 thoughts on “nothing too girly

  1. This is great! I really want to try a quilt! And here you are quilting up a storm this year. They are really beautiful and I like how you put the colours and textures together.

  2. It’s beautiful! I like your idea to use an Ikea duvet for the back– they have some nice ones and they make a soft backing. You’ve made an interesting graphic design with the log cabin pattern. Very nice!

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