in which i almost talk about knitting…

I have been knitting, and pictured above is a little bit of my new favourite ever knitted thing.  (Sorry little brother, your kilt socks have moved down to Number Two.)  The pattern won’t be available for a while, but you can see better examples of it over at Ysolda’s blog.  I’ll make more – I love a baby gift that looks impressive but is really easy and fun to knit.  And there are so many possibilities for colour combinations.

But mainly today I was going to talk about another finished quilt, which made it to the completed pile a few weeks ago.  Suddenly I had 30 minutes to take pictures before it had to be sent, and it was raining, a lot.

So some not-so-great indoor pictures are all I have –

An improvised top, backing from Ikea (and most appropriate for a house-warming gift – I need to find some more), and the binding was mostly leftovers from my Picnic Blanket skirt with some top leftovers to fill in the gaps.  It was my first time doing a completely machine-sewn binding that wasn’t on a quilt destined for a dog, and I like it.  I find the teeny little stitches all the way around very pleasing!

I quilted this using an awesome tutorial from Film in the Fridge called Big Diamond, Little DiamondDefinitely using this again, its so pretty.  My photos really don’t do it justice!  I just have one more quilt to write about and I’m all caught up.  Maybe I will attempt an actual knitting post next…

4 thoughts on “in which i almost talk about knitting…

  1. Gorgeous quilt. What size do you usually make them? I’m planning on making one as a wedding present for a friend but am a bit bemused by sizing options. Batting seems to come in 45″ wide (smaller than I’d planned) or Queen or King size (larger than I’d planned).

    • To be honest, I put very little thought into size! Mostly I don’t really follow a pattern, so the size is determined usually by the amount of fabric I have (my stash is pretty small). For my brother’s wedding quilt the plan was to keep making blocks and laying them out until it was a decent size, though in the end I ran out of fabric to make it as big as I planned, so added a plain border to bring it up to size. The batting I buy from my local quilt shop comes on a bolt, and I like that as it means I can piece the top first, then just buy exactly the right amount I need. I know that’s not an option for everyone, but if you can find somewhere that sells like that I’d recommend it. Hope that helps a little!

      • Thank you for the tips. Local fabric/quilt shop sounds like a good place to try. I think my local might sell from the bolt too so I think I’ll go and have a chat and see what the options are. I’ve been putting off going there as I’m convinced I’ll end up leaving with far more fabric than I should :/

  2. I love the little baby sweater. I’m expecting my first this summer and would love to knit one of these. Can you tell me when and where this pattern will be published? I looked for it but don’t seem to find any more info anywhere … 😦

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