two plus one

Little Alana Charlotte finally arrived six weeks ago.  We are in love.  Her arrival took a very long time and was a little traumatic, but of course I’d go through it all again and many, many times worse to bring her home.  We were so well cared for during the days leading up to her arrival, and for the birth itself.  The names Donna, Karen and Jane will forever make me think of the wonderful women who helped Alana into our arms.  I still can’t believe she’s here, she is perfect.  Even the sleepless nights are awesome, mostly.  Insomnia kicked in early in my pregnancy, and now I have a tiny human to share the awake with.  We chatter and read stories and rock and sing back to sleepiness, and I feel grateful for every minute.


Before she was born and I was blogging a little I was careful to keep mention of her separate, knowing how difficult sudden mentions of pregnancy on blogs that weren’t usually about such things can be for some, including me.  I’ve been thinking about how to go on from here, maybe to create a separate blog for motherhood posts but I’ve decided against it.  So much of my crafting now (and I am still crafting!) is for Alana that splitting things up would be hard.  But I do want to talk about our adventures together.

I know that some have found their way here because of similar journeys with loss.  No-one who has lost a child, or doesn’t have a child while wanting one, for whatever reason, wants to hear complaints about motherhood.  Negativity will not appear here.  Just as every niggling pregnancy symptom made me think ‘yay!, this means my baby is alive and growing!,’ every nappy change and cry has me thinking the exact same thing.  I am truly grateful for it all.  We feel so lucky.


16 thoughts on “two plus one

  1. What a beautiful adorable baby.
    Honestly, even though we met at the yarn shop, I consider this a blog about you, whether it is crafting, cooking, gardening, or baby news. Bring it on, with passion and gusto. It’s like receiving a letter about you and what is happening.
    Congratulations on your bundle of wonder and joy.

  2. Sarah, I am so happy you’re back. Now, this is your blog, about making things… and making a Little Person is all a part of it ! 🙂 You make great babies by the way, Alana is super duper beautiful. xx

  3. A huge congrats to you all! I agree with everyone else- I look forward to hearing about the adventures ahead of you!

    As someone who would have loved to have children, I also want to thank you for just acknowledging that it can be hard to read and stay connected with someone going through something you want but don’t have- but, for me at least, that doesn’t mean I don’t want to read about the hard days you might have. Somehow, your acknowledgment of the pain that you and many of us have been through makes me want to witness your joy in the journey too, whatever kind of day you’re having! Thank you for that. Enjoy that beautiful girl of yours!

  4. I think everyone’s blog changes and morphs as our lives change and I think it’s important that you include whatever you want to share in your space without wondering if people are going to hang around or not. You will lose readers over your blogging lifetime and you will gain new readers too. There are those of us however that will stick around through it all 😉
    Congrats on wee Alana, she’s a wee smasher!

  5. “No-one who has lost a child, or doesn’t have a child while wanting one, for whatever reason, wants to hear complaints about motherhood.”

    Life doesn’t always end up as thought it would, and some of us will strive to be content to be aunts instead of mothers. That said, it is incredibly kind of you to recognize that not everyone who is childless is so by choice.

    Blessings to you and your family. 🙂

  6. So excited for Alana to have joined you! Sorry I’ve taken so long to comment. Trying to be better about going through my RSS feed. 🙂 I love seeing all the pictures of her and the lovely things you’ve been making for her.

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