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We headed outside today.  The vegetable garden is a bit like a time warp, exactly as I left it back in July when pregnancy symptoms were in full force and I was so scared that something, anything, could cause things to go wrong.  I remember so clearly this time last year, when I was venturing into the garden for the start of new season and being so unbearably sad that I was doing these little springtime tasks alone, rather than with the child that should have been there with me.  Of course this year it is all different.  Alana slept in her sling as I cleared away a few old pots and planted some seeds.  My vegetable gardening plans this year are pretty tame, just lots of potatoes and a few things in the greenhouse.  I think in the past I’ve been a bit ambitious and it all gets a bit overwhelming.  I hope she loves being outside as much as me.  I want to her know the smells, and the feel of the earth.  Is it selfish to hope that your children love the same things as you?  I want her to love what she loves too.

But anyway.  There are lots of dead vegetables.  Some gigantic weeds.  The kind so big that if you dig them out you leave a huge, clear patch of earth.  A couple of weeks ago we had some tall, wobbly trees cut back and my lovely inlaws have chopped and cleared the wood while we were up north.  The chickens are as cheeky as ever.  They gathered at the gate while we explored and I swear they were whispering excitedly to each other ‘the lady is back growing things, sure, the man build a new fence but we will find our way through!’  Sure enough, I turned and when I looked back Scarlet was pecking about on the wrong side of the fence.  I have no idea how she did it.  She looked pretty proud of herself, as if she just wanted to show me that she could.



7 thoughts on “outdoors play

  1. You’re so right, it is a joy when your child loves the same things as you do. I’m sure Alana will do. She’s a darling and I love the way you cherish her.

  2. What an adorable little bundle.

    As much as children are their own people, they’re deeply influenced by their parents. I didn’t love gardening as a child (though both my parents are passionate about it), but I did love being outdoors and now desperately want my own garden. Even if she doesn’t love pulling weeds right away, she’ll see the enjoyment and satisfaction it brings you and it will grow in her.

  3. I think so much of what you do at this phase is introducing your child to the world. Outside, inside, seasons, routines, etc.
    It is all good! Loved the post!

  4. Oi! I’ve got to get out into the garden too! You have a really great looking property. I love it! And I can totally understand how wonderful it is to have Alana helping you out. She is your creature and she is going to fit in with your ways. It is cool to see her sleeping wool swathed self out there.

  5. I’m sure Alana will love the garden & chickens just as much as you. Who knows… maybe knitting too! 🙂 So exciting to see you back with your wee one. xx

  6. I have a hen who often comes to meet me on an evening when I go to feed my horses, she hops up onto the gate, and wanders down to see you. They are terribly pleased when they make an escape plan work aren’t they? Glad you are getting outside and pottering, and good that you are starting the little one off with fresh air and the joy of the great outdoors. Lovely knitted items on Alana too 🙂

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