for the girls


Finishing knits takes a little longer these days, and is likely to slow up even more now I’m back at work.  But luckily Alana likes to sleep in the evenings, so after a few chores are done I usually manage to squeeze in a few stitches.  I knit a little in between crocheting the odd granny square and looking in at our sleeping babe, and still not really believing how lucky we are.

I’m thinking of starting a new tradition.  Springtime cardigans for our extended family’s little ones – four girls.  This seems like a great plan when the oldest is just two and the littles still have no say in what they wear, but probably not so wise as they get bigger with opinions, and knitting involves a lot more yarn.

First up was a wee Liesl.  Kindly modeled by my girl but actually for her little second cousin Emily who was born just ten days after Alana but quite early, though healthy thank goodness.  It took less than one 50g ball of Sublime Baby Cashmere Merino Silk 4ply (yum).

Second was a Rock Rose for her other second cousin Shannon, a completely delightful almost 3 year old.  She has a mother who loves handknits.  A lovely little pattern which I came across thanks to the Ravelry advanced pattern search, knitted up in Pure Merino from James C Brett.  I even enjoyed the bobbles.  And the icord edging.  Honestly.


Two more to go – a Heartrose Cardigan for Alana and then a Little Trellis for her cousin Lara.  Except I got distracted by new yarn and cast on for a Semi de Printemps instead.  Whoops.


6 thoughts on “for the girls

  1. Lovely little girl and gorgeous knits too. My older daughter has requested an orange, green and navy blue cardigan. It looks like a carrot, and I fully expect it to be rejected upon completion. Be ready!

  2. Alana is precious ! I just love, love, love to see what you’ll post next about her and what you and she are making. 🙂

    I have had a Spring Sweater tradition (as well as Autumn!) for my two nieces since 2010!

  3. Go for it! I have two daughters, 7and 3 years old and I can still manage about three or four sweaters each a year. It was a great adjustment making the “8 years” size, but totally worth it. Now my knit stamina has been built up. And if you keep it up, one day you will be knitting together and they will keep your own tastes up to date and youthful.

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  5. These are so sweet. I just finished matching sweaters for my niece and her expected sibling. My niece’s sweater didn’t seem to take that much less yarn than mine! I am thinking about moving over to sewing them things when they get so big that knitting would be equal to making myself something. 🙂

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