little dolls dress


Few words today, Alana is having a post-nursing snooze in my arms.  But I sewed this little dress up over the last couple of evenings.  So sweet and lovely.  As is her new dress.


She seems to find it (or something) funny.  Today has been filled with grins and baby laughter, and some very contented napping.  All is good.

Pattern is here, by Leila and Ben.  I am on the hunt for more sweet baby sewing, so let me know if you have suggestions.  And that was more words than I thought I’d manage!

6 thoughts on “little dolls dress

  1. Beautiful dress, I love it, and the quilts you have been making. I half cut some fabric to make Bagl a toy bag when I was pregnant and have yet to finish it, don’t think I have touched my sewing machine in all that time. But I have a copy of Sewing for Boys and I keep meaning to get it out and get inspired. There are so many lovely fabrics for children’s clothes out there and I need to take a leaf out of your book and get in on it. Alana is looking lovely 🙂

  2. Gorgeous to both Alana and dress! and you’ve managed to catch that beautiful aura of happiness that surrounds her.

  3. Loving the dress! I was beaten to it by someone recommending Posy gets Cozy – Alicia’s daughter’s clothes are just beautiful, both knitted and sewn.

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