three months

3 months old

At 8.05am today I was up, getting my girl dressed, and thinking about how at that exact moment three months before, her little body was pulled out and suddenly appeared on my chest.  How can it be three months already?  In some ways  it seems like I’ve known her much longer, and I suppose I have.  She started kicking and pounding me back in September and thankfully never stopped.

I still feel like the luckiest mama in the world.  Obviously I am biased, but I am in awe that we made something so beautiful and perfect.  I grew a person…the human body is so amazing it blows my mind.  But then I am still amazed by the telephone…

Alana is such a good baby, and a good night-time sleeper, now.  She smiles at everyone, especially older people and laughs at our silly faces.  She likes to move and dance and chatter away to us.  I feel like she’ll be an early talker, she will have a conversation with anything.  She loves to look at the books we read to her, and splash me in the bath.  So far I’ve only found three things she objects to – the baby seat trolleys in the supermarket, being squirted in the face with milk, and putting her arms in jackets.  That all seems reasonable to me.

And because lots of people asked on twitter, yes, the quilt is handmade.  The pattern is Storytime Squares Quilt by Made by Rae.  Fabric is lots of random bits.  Cardigan is ravelled here.

7 thoughts on “three months

  1. Beautiful baby and beautiful Mother. I am so enjoying your adventures together. All that lovely knitting and crafting is just a bonus.

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