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Alana started off as a wonderful night-time sleeper.  Like many mothers, I vividly remember hovering my hand on her chest at 4am, just to make sure that she was still ok.  Could she really still be asleep?  She slept like that for 5 days back in the summer but since then life has been too exciting.  There is too much to see and marvel at and for Alana, sleep gets in the way.  Its fine.  I really believe that many people have totally unrealistic expectations for baby and toddler sleep.  They’re babies.  It’s what they do, and what they need.  And as much as I miss sleeping through the night, the extra nighttime cuddles are fine by me too.   Things have improved recently though, exactly at the same time as she decided that walking round and round and round the living room is an Important Task that must be done.

I think we adapt too, a couple of years ago being woken at 5am would have seemed like torture, but now its just when the day starts.  Usually I’m pretty awake.  Alana certainly is. That’s not to say that I don’t cling to my vat of tea, blearily pottering about (ok, cleaning) the kitchen while my babe runs about in her walker with total delight that she is awake! mama is awake! she has things to say! dada dada! wow wow wow! MA! MA!  You get the idea… I love it.

Pictures were taken a little later once daylight arrived.  This is Scotland, after all.  But the mornings are getting lighter and it won’t be long before we are outside first thing, watering my yearly (and always failing) attempt at tomato plants, feeding chickens and hanging out washing.  And this year I’ll have a little helper with me, marvelling at it all.

8 thoughts on “early mornings

  1. It is amazing what you can get used to when it comes to sleep isn’t it ! And she looks like such a sweet little helper, you can’t but cling to the caffeine and go for it!

  2. Thanks for the updates, I really enjoy reading them and filing them away as things to remember for when Sprite appears – which is um sooner than I would like to admit! Love to you all.

  3. I know I’m a little sappy but this post brought tears to my eyes. Everyday life with a baby can be so wonderfully sweet.

  4. I’ve arrived here from ravelry with delightment! I SO recognize myself in your words. Hope your blog won’t stay asleep long, but i have all the old post to catch up so that will keep me busy for a while : )

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