our meadow

My vegetable garden, made with such love and care a couple of years ago is now a meadow.  Taming it will be a job for next year I think, but I’m not sure I want to.  There is a little growing however – since creating a permanent run for the chickens rather than having them loose in the garden (chicken poop + toddler didn’t seem like a good combination) I’ve been able to plant a few things at the back door and not have the pots acting as dust baths five minutes later.  Its just strawberries and herbs, but its a start. Alana pointed excitedly at the one red strawberry today, hopefully next year she’ll have her own little plot.

And for the first time, the apple tree we planted after Charlie died is covered in little fruits.  I can’t find many more words about that today, but seeing Alana’s little clothes hanging from the line beside his tree is a little bittersweet.