the only thing i can crochet

Last summer I started to work on a second Granny Square blanket, after the success of one I’d made for my grandmother the previous Christmas.  I planned this one in blues, greys and natural leftovers but ran into a couple of fatal problems.

One – I ran out of yarn.
Two – I got bored.

The miniature blanket languished in a heap for a while and then I suddenly decided to use it to cover the cushion on top of an Ikea storage box, which was looking a bit grubby and was going to be difficult to wash.

The crochet piece is actually a square, but super-stretchy so I managed to make it work on a rectangular cover.  I just pinned it on top of the cushion and sewed it down along the edges.

I really like it though, and it makes want to learn a bit more crochet.  I might try something with hexagons next, or maybe some little bowls for my sewing bits.  Penny likes it too – I started to take some photos and noticed some evidence that my dog buddy has been enjoying it when I’m out.  And then as soon as I opened the door she flew in and jumped right on it.

I hope everyone has a nice weekend, I plan to bake a large cake this afternoon to start it off properly.  And please send happy thoughts to our favourite chicken (ssshhh, don’t tell the others) Penguin, who is unwell at the moment and currently being hand-fed in the kitchen.  Poor chook.