my weekend in pictures

My first attempt at hand quilting, thanks to a lesson from my buddy Fiona.

Homemade snickerdropper!!  My favourite sweet thing in the world (quote Ysolda: ‘It’s like snickers and millionaire shortbread had a baby!’), a treat from our old knit night cafe and now re-created for me by Fiona…

This would have been done if it wasn’t for a sudden thread shortage.  Anybody recognise the pattern?

I knit.  A lot.  I spent most of yesterday evening wrestling with ribbing and icord, and now my knitting basket is overflowing with an almost completed Carter Cardigan…

A new phase of decorating has begun and I spent hours standing inside a very small space covered in tile paint.  And somehow managed to get it all over my legs, through my painting trousers.  Goodbye grubby-yellow shower room!

The only thing missing was a little time at my spinning wheel, so that is at the top of my list for crafting fun this week…


I haven’t many finished craft projects to show recently, but I am working on and thinking about a few things…

A second Laika, this time in some of the gorgeous yarn ever dyed – Old Maiden Aunt superwash merino in Bitter Bug.

Decorating and planning our new kitchen…

Embroidering a cake, another sampler from Rebecca Ringquist.

Figuring a way to transfer pictures from my garden into a large embroidered, patchwork and quilted masterpiece, hee hee!  (I am excited and have a lot of ideas, but the scale of this project is a little intimidating… one to tackle later in the summer…)

Sewing a lovely dress for my lovely sister, Eclair by Colette Patterns

And suddenly working on my longest ever WIP, started two years ago, Lissajous by Cookie A.


a little demolition and a lot of cooking

After arriving home from a relaxing few days up north, I got up on Saturday morning to find that work was suddenly about to start on our kitchen.  This is the last big indoor project for now and involves taking down a wall and a horrible fake cork ceiling.  The sudden work, combined with being more than a little tired from too many late nights stressed me a little, so I hid upstairs and cut up 961 two inch squares for a new quilt.

Now the rubble and dust has been cleared away, the kitchen ceiling is now about 12 inches higher, and the removal of part of a wall lets in sooo much more light.  (We had hoped that the whole wall would come down but it turns out that part of it is ‘structural’ and therefore essential if we want the upstairs floor to remain upstairs.  How annoying.)

The last week has been very inspiring food-wise as my mum has re-discovered her love of cooking and tried out lots of new vegetarian recipes on me.  I pulled out my favourite ever cookbook today, Sarah Raven’s Garden Cookbook.  Tonight we’ll be having Sag Aloo…

Lemon Posset…

and I made some plum muffins because I felt bad about emptying the biscuit tin…

laundry room crafting – part 1

As the laundry room decoration nears completion I’ve started doing a little crafting to furnish it.  (I realise that getting excited about having a laundry room decorated is a little bit strange.  I spend a lot of time there though and trust me, it was minging.)

So for today, here’s something I didn’t make.

This was made by my crafty maternal grandmother who gave it to me recently.  It’s full of many teeny tiny stitches and the detail is lovely.  I used to do lots of cross-stitch when I was a teenager so as soon as I saw it I felt it had to be displayed somewhere.

I didn’t even notice the little doilies hanging of the shelves until I looked back through these photos.  And the teacup!

This is my favourite bit though, and is something I’m going to try to recreate for a little sewing corner in the room.

Yep!  A teeny pin cushion!