So I’ve been living pretty quietly, and that, combined with some fairly craptastic life events means I haven’t been feeling that chatty.  That’s all I’m going to say about it, and I’m doing better.  As I try to get back into the swing of things I realise that I have lots of wonderful and fun things going on too.

1.  My Pup


Here is wee Penny, very delicately trying to prise the last of her Rhinebeck biscuits from my hand.  Yep, my lovely workmates not only go to Rhinebeck and bring me fibre goodies, but they think about my dog too.  So nice x

2.  Abandoning a planned 2 hour housework session to run about in the muddy woods with Penny.  It feels like Scotland is starting to lose any sense of daylight, so it had to be done.

3.  Knit-a-longs.  I have these coming out of my eyeballs at the moment, but they are all fun and stash-busting.  Woolly Wormhead’s 2012 Mystery Hat KAL is almost over, but I’ve loved everything about it.  The pattern, the yarn, the Ravelry group…  I’ll be kind of sad when I finish the crown tomorrow when the last clue is released, but at least I’ll have an awesome new hat to console me.

Then there’s Stephen West’s ChoreoKAL.  It’s hilarious.  Stephen is hilarious.  I have decided to fully embrace the sillyness and take strange photos of myself.  The knitting part is fun too.  You know that people are excited about a pattern release when you see a discussion about when Stephen went to bed (going by his last Ravelry posts), where he lives and so what time he might be getting up to release the first pattern.

And then there’s the Cookie A KAL of Knit Sock Love which is now complete and has resulted in 20 pairs of socks and me being awarded the title of ‘Master Baker.’  I’ll post more about this another time, but it was so much fun I’ve signed up for another Cookie KAL, though its a bit less hardcore than last time.

4.  The thought of a 6 hour round trip with Mr Saz next week, and me in the passenger seat with a big pile of merino, wool and angora that I get to turn into a massive garter stitch shawl edging.  I can’t wait.

12 thoughts on “hello

  1. Welcome back Saz 🙂 Nice to see you again here at your blog. Sometime is important to take off for some time and having a break from crafts habits. Apparently we are in the same KALs I signed up to the first two, I wish I could sign up for the Cookie A sock club too, but I have to renounce for this year, my budget for this year is almost gone.

  2. What a delight to see a post from you! I hear you on the craptastic front – it can be really hard to keep up a cheery craft blog when life is not so cheery; I hope things are better for you now. I can’t wait to see the results of all your KALs – you always make such beautiful things!

  3. Sorry to hear life has been rubbish to you lately, but it’s good to see you back on here, looking forwards to seeing more of your lovely projects. Hoping you’re doing better. I agree with the pp that dogs make us all happier…

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